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Compassionate, Effective Psychotherapy

Are you feeling stuck with a problem that doesn’t seem to be getting any better? Are you having difficulty in your relationships? Is anxiety or depression getting in the way of your daily life? If you or someone close to you is experiencing an emotionally turbulent time, the decision to enter counseling can be an extremely valuable step towards finding solutions. Though it may be a difficult step to take, entering psychotherapy can have lasting, positive effects on the quality of your life. It can help you change negative patterns of thought and behavior and give you the opportunity to create a more meaningful, rewarding life. I have helped many people who began therapy feeling overwhelmed and discouraged to resolve their problems successfully.

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Clients Are Saying:

“I never felt judged, just guided to help me make decisions that were right for me.”

“Jeanne helped me so much with my anxiety, depression and OCD. I have my life back again! I can’t thank her enough for all the things I’ve learned.”

“It’s such a simple thing, but this was the first time in my life I ever felt truly listened to.”

“My wife and I were having serious issues in our marriage, to the point where we were considering separation.  Jeanne helped us work through our difficulties and now we feel stronger in our marriage than ever.”

Colleagues Are Saying:

“I have known Jeanné both personally and professionally for over 30 years. Jeanné and I trained and worked together as co-therapists. She is, above all else, a very kind, warm and receptive psychotherapist. Jeanne makes the extra effort to connect with her clients and strives to fully understand all that her clients are communicating. In addition to being highly sensitive and acutely receptive, Jeanné communicates in an extremely clear manner and encourages her clients to begin the work they have identified together in order to improve their lives and their circumstance. I have been referring clients to Jeanné for many years and I will continue to do so because I know that they will receive the very best of care.”

Tom Bonas, Ph.D.
Director, Behavioral Healthcare Services
Sutter Health/Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

– My Ideals –

My years of experience have confirmed my belief in the value of therapy for dealing with life’s difficult and trying times.

– My Mission –

I offer a safe, supportive environment for helping people create meaningful life changes through greater understanding and the resolution of conflicts.

Jeanne Guaspari, LMFT

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